Export & Import

RUKN ALRIYADAH allows you to order or buy goods from hundreds of merchants throughout the world, with speedy delivery to all Middle Eastern regions and comprehensive service in Arabic and English. These goods include Medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, food, electrical devices, and replacement parts.


We provide you with a range of high quality and performance products and equipment.


A team of experts is at your disposal step by step to help you complete your order.


Our team skills live up to the expectations of our customers.

Our services

Ensuring that goods are delivered to our clients after being cleared by customs officials and other departments at sea or airport ports.


Some of the opinions of our valued customers and their comments that we cherish, and there are many..

Bloom Trading

We thank Rukn Al-Riyadah Company for their elegant dealings, punctuality, and offering the best available options

Smart Decoration

You have been distinguished by your continuous ideas and creativity. You have all my greetings and sincere prayers for success.

Media Medical

We are proud of our dealings with you, for you are distinguished. It was a pioneering experience that we lived together, and we will deal with you in the future regarding all your services.

Optimal Electronics and Technology

We thank you for your interaction with us, the speed of your response, and your keenness on time and accuracy in completion. I wish you more success.

Al-Fayhaa General Services

A distinguished team that possesses experience and knowledge, and achieves ambitions in a modern, creative manner, with golden touches.

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